Your scenario?

  •  You need to fill a temporary vacant position within your team?
  • The recruitment process fails to identify the right person?
  • The vacant position is limited in time, e.g. replacement for maternity leave, sick leave, sudden resignation, sabbatical/educational leave or simply project-related?
  • You need a reliable, experienced and effective pharma professional?

Get an interim manager!

  • A pharma-professional with more than 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical & biotech industry
  • Areas of experience cover marketing, sales, training & onboarding
  • Main therapeutic fields of experience: endocrinology, cardiology, nephrology, gastroenterology and vaccines
  • Familiar with big pharma procedures and systems

Find out more about interim management

Interim managers are on-site for a limited time and assume full responsibility for a specific task, project or a certain area. Interim management may also include leadership responsibilities, i.e. coaching your sales force. Given availability, you can quickly fill temporarily vacant positions, manpower shortages or solve deadline dilemmas by getting professional support from an experienced short-term manager. Interim management combines a high degree of flexibility with efficiency, allowing your company to make better use of its´ resources. It is a real alternative.

Advantages of interim management

- High flexibility
- A wealth of practical experience
- Temporarily limited
- Service agreement with defined deliverables
- No high fixed costs (no salary/social benefits, bonus or other contributions)
- Project-based payment (daily/hourly fee)

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